Monday, 30 May 2011

Jewish gyms and America's hardest!!!!!

Good afternoon world, well another bank holiday Monday and it’s pissing it down, no surprise there then but this has meant the cancellation of the BBQ at the West End Pub damn it!!!! Bagsta is not at all happy about this state of affairs and will be having words with celestial beings before the day is out.
Still getting up far too early at the moment but it seems to be getting later by around 15 minutes per day.
Went to try out that newish gym today, no that is not a spelling error I did not mean Jewish gym I meant a gym that had not been there very long.
It was full of all kinds of strange looking machines, many of which I'm sure could be used as implements of torture and yes I can see the irony in that statement thank you.
It’s actually OK, all the latest kit, personal trainers on hand if needed ready with advice etc and if you want to there is even a sun bed.
The main weights area did remind me a bit of America’s hardest prisons though, what with the many tattooed muscle clad never smiling look at me I'm a reeet hard bastard ethnic minorities sitting there lifting small houses with one arm.
I love fucking with these guys, I stare at them and smile, then nod my head and say “hi how ya doing?” they tend to look around as if your talking to someone else then look all confused that you had the balls to even look at them never mind talk to them. Hours of fun.
So now I sit here writing a blog entry and thinking of Manta Rays. Be a while before I forget that experience. Off to see Nick, Kate, Hannah and Bradley the beast later. Not sure who scares me more, Hannah or Bradley to be honest, Both can look kinda angelic one minute then turn into the spawn of Satan at the drop of a hat although Bradley seems to have chilled somewhat in his old age, I wonder if I will?
And on that thought, catch ya laters.
Peace out y’all. The BAGSTAxxx

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