Sunday, 29 May 2011

Jet lag, gyms and leprosy!!!

Ok, so I'm now back in the real world and ready to take it on with all guns blazing.... well ok, maybe a little more effort than usual...... OK I'm still here and mobile, sheesh give a guy a break!
Really really bored of the jet lag now. I normally do not see 2 10.00hours in any given 24 hour period but 2 06.00 hours is just a bloody joke.
Got an insurance quote yesterday, pmsl.... an increase of 45%!!!! are they having a laugh? over 10 years no claims no points, an old git and a computer operator (cough cough) who works from home and they quote me £720.00.
It's enough to raise my blood pressure but as I have that down to 146/78 I'm going to breath a lot instead.
According to my scales (which must be wrong) in the last month I have shed 8lbs, now that's a healthy loss over that period of time so why do I still look like a fat paedophile?
This has bothered me to the point of actually joining a gym. I spotted one on my way home from the train station at 02.00 hours the other night which is open 24/7 for £16.99 a month and no contract. Seems like a good deal to me as I can go at very unreasonable hours when all the other freaks and fatties go so as to not scare the normal people. :)
One thing I have noticed is that after 2 weeks away from any proper training I got back on the cross trainer yesterday and pissed 25 minutes of HIIT away with only just breaking a sweat.
This whole no smoking thing has been a real boost to be honest, not the easiest thing in world to do but worth every agonising second of withdrawal.
My skin has started to peel as well now I'm back in Blighty..... I look like I have leprosy. All I need now is Jesus to come by and cure me without so much as a by your leave. "Shekel for an old ex leper"

Waiting on a meeting now for hopefully my next big project which may involve some travel and photography/video work. Watch this space!!!!
Been looking through some of my underwater pics to try and find some colourful ones, this was quite nice,

Maldivian anenome fish, the purple bits are closed anenome, the fish, despite looking similar to clown fish are not clown fish, they have 3 stripes, Todays lesson from Jaque bagstau is now over. Gonna be processing a few more vids and pics of the underwater world soon so if your into that kinda stuff pop back soon. :)
Peace out y'all BAGSTA.xx

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