Tuesday, 26 April 2011

bank holidays, ps3 and pubcrawls.

Well that was different, a four day weekend in April, another one to come due to a royal wedding. Weekends and bank holidays don't really mean that much to me as I'm self employed so can take time off as I please.
For a bank holiday in April to have such good weather made for a pleasant change with the exception of half an hour on Saturday afternoon where we had flash floods and hailstones around 1.5cm across.
I even exposed my body to sunlight and am getting my base coat of tan before we go away.
The cluster headaches seem to be buggering off and my eyeballs are looking less and less like a road atlas.
Blood pressure is up at 160/80 when it should be 140 despite stopping smoking, getting regular exercise and even eating in a healthy way, (last nights kebab and 15 pubs aside that is).
I'm sure 2 weeks on a tropical island away from incompetent fools will no doubt help that come down a bit.
The PlayStation network has been down for 5 or 6 days now meaning no online gaming which is a bit of a pisser as id arranged a 3 race event on GT5 for Friday night. Sony spokesperson has said that it will be down indefinitely but are keeping their cards close to their chest. I would imagine that a lot of single player campaigns on games are getting finished off right now as people get their gaming fix.
Yesterday saw Fi's birthday and a rather good pub crawl. The pub crawl started at 12.00 at the West End and headed up to Crookes. The crucial word in that sentence was UP. You see in Sheffield, which is a city built on seven hills like Rome, Going uphill is more like climbing mount Everest and my aging body is not really into anything that involves up so we joined everybody at Crookes, at the peak of the pub crawl as it were.
From there on it was all DOWNhill. Was a very pleasant sunny day and a top laugh was had by all. I beat Alex at darts late on and it is a mystery that we managed to even hit the dart board never mind the double 3 I needed for the winning arrow.
So now it is into the second 4 day week with a Royal wedding at the end of it. I'm up far too early and should still be in bed so guess ill sit here stroking my pretend white fluffy pussy and plan to take over the world.

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