Friday, 1 April 2011

time and opticians in stockings!

People who are late annoy me! I hate being late, for anything. If I am late I will apologise profusely.
If I say to somebody I will meet them at nine o’clock I will be there at nine o’clock. Not ten past, not quarter past but nine o’clock, in fact I will probably be a few minutes early.
So why are there so few people who have the same time keeping ideas as myself? If I had meant about nine o’clock I would have said about nine o’clock, or even nine’ish.
It really annoys me when people just turn up 15, 20 even 30 minutes after the arranged time as if nothing was wrong.
What are worse are those people who are late and by default then make you late so you have to apologise. What part of we will be leaving at 10.00 o’clock do people not get, if we were going to leave at 10 past 10 I would have said that.
It is wonder these people manage to hold down a job. I bet they turn up to work on bloody time!
Oh it’s ok it’s only Bagsta, he said 10 but meant 10 past I’m sure, he just said 10 but didn’t mean it.
Actually I’m sure some people just do it to wind me up.

I have been to have my eye test this morning despite Mr. Testes from yesterday. (see post below)
I turned up and was greeted in a very pleasant manner by an assistant who took my details and after asking her in a polite manner actually accepted my out of date voucher. (up yours testes you arsehole!)
They did loads of things blowing in my eyes and all sorts of tests etc before showing me through to the optician herself. She was an attractive young lady wearing a very short skirt and stockings. How do I know they were stockings? Well when she sat down in front of me her skirt rode up to expose the tops of them, I bet she has never seen an eye movement as quick as mine when she leant over me to look into my eye and asked me to look down. 

After my test it was decided that I am a myopic old barn owl and my vision is getting worse and I require new glasses.
Hmm, trying to decide which glasses suit you best when you can’t see is really quite difficult. It was one of those 2 pairs for the price of 1 offers. I had already decided on a really expensive pair of kickass Police prescription sunglasses but the choice of others was not very good for my fat round face. Narrowed it down to a choice of 2 and because I couldn’t decide which pair I preferred I got them both, one pair free. So in summary I paid for the really expensive pair of sunglasses and got another 2 pairs of normal glasses free saving £270.00
Either she was getting really pissed off with my inability to choose or my subtle new skills are starting to work. One day the optician, next ill take over the world!!!!!
And I will do it on time!

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