Saturday, 23 April 2011

Tesco's, oh dear, here I go again!

Ive just got back from Tesco's. Fucking hell, all life is there only most of it should be put down. Just because you can reproduce by no means means that you should. The human gene pool can only take so much.
Right, first off let me explain something!
Sandals should not be worn by English men, fucking period, ever. with socks, without socks, it doesn't fucking matter, do not wear them.....EVER. you look like a twat if you do, seriously you look like your from the local special needs unit on a day trip. The only men that can get away with wearing sandals are Italians and that's probably because they invaded most of the planet wearing them and also because they look a bit gay.
Which brings me to my next subject, I have no problem with heterosexual or homosexual people and have a few gay friends in fact who actually share the same opinion as me. What is it with gay men that means they have to talk in a camp fashion all girly like. That's not their normal talking voice so why? Is it because they think they are special or something and wearing pink shirts and canary blue shorts somehow gives them special rights to be a wanker..
Now onto boob tubes, why o fucking why are they only worn by women who shouldn't wear them, if your boobs are of a ahem, certain size please stay away from this type of clothing, you just look like a fucking slapper.
False tan..... Dear god there is a fucking sun up in the sky in the UK at the moment so why dear lord do these people insist on using false tan and go out looking like they have been tango'd.
Right, for the minute my sermon on the mount is finished but I'm sure something else will rile me before the days end.
Peace out!

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