Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Sunshine, landlords and positive attitudes dudes:)

Well I am currently sat at the bottom of my garden on a sun lounger in just my shorts and kick ass bad mother sun glasses:) the sun is shining and I'm just back from a very nice pub lunch, alex ( landlord) said the meals are 2 for 1. I said that's fine I'll have the 2nd one tomorrow! Apparently it doesn't work like that but he did only charge me half price instead. Such a nice chap I don't mind when he calls me names. The holiday is now booked and off to the Maldives in about 3 weeks time for a fortnight:) in fact life at this moment in time couldn't get much better. 
The only problem with all this is that I'm a pessimist. You see usually at these very rare moments in my life when everything is perfect, something of utterly epic fucked upness occurs. Maybe it only happens because I'm expecting it to happen, maybe that's what THEY mean by a positive attitude. (there they are again)
Actually I think I'm going to move forward with this positive attitude thing, a positive attitude never really solved anything but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.
I've now lost count of the days that have passed since my last cig, my temper and irritability is returning to normal, my sense of smell and taste has vastly improved as has my general demeanor. I've been told I look healthier and my skin has colour again.
Right that's enough drivel for one day, I'm off to think of things to moan and rant about before people think I have been possessed  by alien life forms:)

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