Saturday, 9 April 2011

Power of the unconscious mind!

Believe it or not, the conscious mind can only handle seven plus or minus two bits of information at a time. So that means that if you have more than say nine things to remember at one time, the conscious mind overloads and your short-term memory can't handle that…
But your unconscious mind on the other hand remembers everything that you’ve ever seen, heard, felt, or done.
Your unconscious mind is a vast storehouse of information so that just thinking about an old friend, an old address, a telephone number, that information just comes to your mind.
Consciously, you don’t really understand how that happens because you don’t need to know what goes on inside the mind in order for you to be able to use it.
You see, the conscious mind is there to make decisions. To decide that “this is what I want to do in life”.
The unconscious mind then takes that decision and runs with it, makes it happen.
I mean, how many times have you noticed that you wanted something but forgot about it?
Then somehow, as time changed, you changed with it and that thing became more and more real. Who was doing all the things along the way?
Making all those choices while you weren’t paying attention?
Your unconscious mind is always there for you. So while you are thinking in a very logical sort of way, when you're thinking consciously, you know, you decide first step is to do this. Second step is to do that. Third step is to do this.
It’s funny how life never quite has a way of working out quite as logically as you wanted it to. So that by the time you finally get to the end of a project, have you ever noticed how many little indirect routes you take along the way?
That’s because your unconscious mind knows that there are many different things that you have to take into account in order to achieve a certain process.
Sometimes you have to take a detour in the short-term in order for something to work out in the long-term.
Your unconscious mind understands this bigger picture because it thinks in a more holistic, systemic kind of way.
It’s interesting to realize that the conscious mind sits there and thinks that it’s awake and it’s doing all these things actively while in the background the unconscious mind works ceaselessly.
You're so creative at the unconscious level because your unconscious mind never ceases to create and learn and discover new things. At night when you sleep, you have dreams. Every dream that you have is a brand new dream. You never thought of it before.
Think about it.
How many people sit there and actually consciously choose what they dream about?
Sit there and design the plot, the characters, all the weird things that are going to happen to them. It doesn’t happen in the normal waking state, does it?
Your dreams just happen by themselves. They’re automatic just as the content is automatic.
You can be relaxed and sleep peacefully at night and know, really know that your unconscious mind keeps you safely protected so that as you dream through the night you are resolving conflicts from the day.
You are learning new things. You are making plans, visions of the future, dreaming dreams that in the daytime can become more real.
Isn't it good to know that you have an unconscious mind that has stored all your experiences, all your wisdom, all your understandings that you can rely on so that as the days and the weeks and the months go by, you grow as a person and all the things that you wanted to achieve just become naturally a part of the things that you have in life.
It is also good to realize that you have a conscious mind because a conscious mind is there so you can actually appreciate things.
I mean, think about it. If you are completely unconscious all of your life then you really wouldn't be able to smell the roses. There would be no one there to appreciate the beauty of life.
No one would be there to actually the fact that you achieved the goals that your unconscious mind achieved.
So while it is all well and good to have an unconscious mind, it’s important to realize your conscious mind is there to choose the direction that you go in life.
It has to be aware enough that when you spot an opportunity, you actually take advantage of it. That’s the beauty of the unconscious mind.
The conscious mind is there to actually see things happening and then decide that, “This is what we are going to do with things,” so that the unconscious mind can get on with doing them when you choose and decide to do that.
Now think about that, you can feel tremendously excited, refreshed, and I don’t know, excited about the future because your conscious mind has all these different abilities, these potential things lying in front of it.
All you have to do is just reach out and grab it and then expect that your unconscious mind will deliver.
Because if you expect that, wonderful things will happen to you.
Right now back to my plans of world domination.


  1. I don't think I can accept the term unconscious as a state of mind anymore. I think it might be more appropriate to refer it, borrowing from computer programming, as a subroutine, of which there can be many, or the conscious mind. So your mainframe, your conscious part of your self, is making all the decision and gathering all the info that all of it peripherals are gathering every single second of your life. It does all get rather complicated though doesn't it lol

  2. But you see Tony, when using the term Unconcious mind in the field of conversational hypnotism, be it written or spoken word, then you are talking directly to the unconcious mind thus bypassing critical factor/thinking without the subject been aware of the fact. You are appearing to be talking about the unconcious mind but what you are actually doing is telling the concious mind to become unconcious and let the unconcious mind (or sun-concious)accept what ever suggestion you are suggesting.