Thursday, 14 April 2011

Why can't we all just get along?

 Today I would like to tackle the thorny issue of religion, mainly the  fanatics that kill in the name of their god.
Now I have been raised a christian but am not a practitioner of any religion what so ever.
Im going out on a limb here but ill be damned if im gonna join in the rest of the world who refuse to say something because it isn't politically correct.
In todays society we seem to have had an influx of extremists in the past few years that spout hatred and death upon all "Non Believers".As usual, most extremists are ignorant of both the pertinent history involved in the issues that arouse them as well as the language they use to attempt to express their outrage.
Actually, Mohammed,(or Mohamet or however you want to spell a proper name which is different in different languages.),was a classic liberal, for his time and place.
The concept of multiple wives was a poor substitute for the elimination of endless tribal wars that were killing off Arab men at an alarming rate, leaving the docile female population without apparent means of support. Thus, the idea of distributing the excess women around as legal wives made sense, at the time.
How could mohammed have foreseen the gross injustices that would grow and permutate through such a "superpatriarchal" system. He knew no other way to deal with the problem and it must have seemed to work well for a few hundred years.
The "Prophet's" ban on alcohol places him in a long tradition of social liberalism which saw many of the roots of social ills as sprouting from the neck of a bottle or jug. In this context, his total ban on alcohol has worked admirably.
Unfortunately, those who now want a dose of something powerful simply go to certain mosques and listen to rabble rousers condemn all non-muslims. Apparently they get more of a "high" from radical ethnic and religious politics than they ever did from wine.
As for the Prophet's argument with the Jews; all I can say is:" a plague on both their houses!" They are the same people making war over which end of a boiled egg it is proper to open.
Have you ever seen the way Jews pray? Compare it some time to the way muslim boys are taught to pray. It is exactly the same set of movements. Men, apart from women, mumbling "prayers" as they quickly rock back and forth in a rhythmic motion.
Makes you wonder how the two branches of the same religion got seperated.
They both admit,(Jews and Muslims), that they are essentially the same people. They admit that their god is the only god,(if there is only one god, muslims and jews must be both worshiping the same deity.),
but, like brother's everywhere, there is little chance of their ever agreeing on almost anything.
Both of these orthodoxies will eventually disappear from the face of the earth when they all realize what a waste of time they are perpetrating, in god's name, all the while asking the state to support them.
Those who insist upon making war on the rest of the world do themselves no favor either. They just get everyone else "riled" up at them and make it impossible for decent, peace loving people (muslims, jews, christians, buddhists or whatever) to make a living.
As long as jews and muslims, continue to run around insisting that the rest of the world has it "in" for them and that they must subjugate and forcefully convert the rest of the world in consequence,(at Allah's command, of course!), all they will do is make more enemies.
And if they go and set off a nuclear weapon in a U.S. or European city, they will begin a holy war against islam the fury of which will make the Mongols seem like a bruised knee.
All the rest of the world-that's 4/5ths, since only 20% of the planet's inhabitants are Islamic, will join together to wipe Islam from the face of existance.

The Earth is too crowded and interdependant to be able to tolerate a religion that will not condemn or restrain it's anti social urges and still dreams of world conquest as if this was the 7th century and everone fought with swords and ballistae.
Nuclear and bio-chemical weapons may, in the hands of muslim radicals kill thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of non-believers but the consequnces of such action will be the demise of all Islam.
So remember your history, Mohammed was a liberal. He would never have contenanced the activities of men like Osama Bin Laden and other radical fundamentalists bent on mass destruction .Even Saladin, that great and honorable soldier, knew that, outside of Arabia, the Europeans would allways outclass him.
Now don't get me wrong, I have very good friends of many differing religions and im not saying that one religion is better than another, for heaven sake how many years have the catholics and protestants been at one anothers throats but I don't believe for one minute they would consider killing people on the scale these extremists do today.
Why can't we all just get along damn it?

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