Saturday, 2 April 2011

I will kill somebody!

Ive had Hillsborough tarmac company outside my office window for over a week now. The video below will go someway in explaining why I am going to kill somebody. This has been going on from 08.00 hrs till around 19.00 hrs for over a week. The useless bastards cut down a tree to make access for a driveway and have spent the rest of that time trying to dig up its roots with a machine that makes more noise than a small nuclear explosion. I wonder if they will make as much noise when I shove the bloody machine up their arse?
It is now Saturday and I have been trying to watch a bit of cricket and moto gp but with that bloody racket going on all I have managed to achieve so far is a headache. I swear to god the world has been conspiring against me this week and these retards are nearly the final straw. If they show up tomorrow (Sunday) Im afraid words are going to have to be had and they will nopt be polite ones.

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