Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Hmmmm, back to grumpy old bastard then!

Some of you may have been alarmed by my lack of grumpiness of late. Fear not, the fucking roofers from 4 houses up have helped me right back into my groove. 07.30 hrs this morning did they start the fucking tile cutters and other noisy machines.
I was awake but unaware of the hour till my mrs said "its only 07.30.
This put me into my clothes and out on the street in seconds.
The phrase "oy fucker, its half past fucking seven, do you want to knock that on the head for an hour or so" seemed to have the desired effect.
However I am now bloody wide awake long before I am normally awake and my right eye ball looks as if it has been used in a horror film due to the cluster headaches I have been experiencing over the last few days. Here is a link to some information if you are so inclined to look.
All the whites of my right eye are now blood red due to vessels bursting. ARGGGH.
Well the sun is shining and it is looking like a fabulous day weather wise, the bastards up the street have just started making noise again and I am planning on undoing the bolts on their scaff tower tonight so as to delay them tomorrow and maybe cause a catastrophic accident.
Oh yes, mr grumpy is back.

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