Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Had to be done, PS3 Clan

Well im afraid I have had to go and bloody well do it havn't I. Since cod 4 the gaming clan that I love at 30 up yours we love to beat kids, has been getting quieter and quieter. This seems mainly due to the fact that our friends state side have no lag issues whilst we suffer over here in the UK. I have tried other clans to try and get some decent gaming in but even the grumpy old men clan despite having some top guys did not really offer what we used to have in 30 up. The epic private lobbies with HB, conkers, Bev and Blazin, the arm leeloo blocking doorways with her arse. ( I am so dead now) the list could go on but I am just here to say that in some vain attempt to rekindle that flame and maybe get some of you old gimmers back infront of your ps3 and swearing at the Bagsta I have created ACROPOLIS NOW. This is not a sleight in anyway at 30up but is an attempt to get my UK buddies back gaming together again.
Registration needs to be approved so you cant get instant access but I do check t least twice a day so if you fancy joining and are an old gimmer like me please drop by and register your interest, I will approve as soon as I see any requests. If any of my US friends wish to join as well please feel free.
We mainly play GT5 KZ3 and attempt Black ops on occasion usually with me rage quiting due to the fucking lag.


  1. Traitor! off with your head I say lol

  2. PMSL, I have been waiting for a response. lol