Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Global warming, a billion dollar industry!

One thing that is guaranteed to make any conversation become a battleground of theories is the subject of Global Warming. Global Warming has become a billion dollar industry now and the catastrophic man made global warming that is to be the downfall of nations is making governments make big payouts to island nations and countries struck by drought and famine.
You see the problem is this, (in my eyes) There is scientific research that has been compiled by the IPCC that categorically states that global warming is a man made phenomena and puts forward such a compelling argument that it has become the popular view and you must be some kind of muppet to think otherwise.
That may well be so and people recycle, sell their suv for a smart car get solar panels and a wind turbine but still hypocritically in my view, take the foreign holiday on a jet plane.
However, the other side of the coin is strong scientific proof and research that gives us the opposite information.
The opposing view is equally compelling when you read reports that the Earth’s temperature is currently dropping, not rising, along with believable reports that the increase in CO2 is the result of the Earth warming, not the cause.
At the very core of the IPCC’s arguments lies the correlation between CO2 and warming as shown by ice core studies.The muppets and myself would like acceptance of a reverse correlation—that when temperatures rise, CO2 increases, not the other way around.
You see there is a much bigger picture that needs to be looked at, the earth actually tilting on it's axis, solar activity, sun flares, spots and activity and a whole host of other variables. All climatologists can do is run models of what their respective theories contain and come up with a best guess estimate due to the fact that we don't have a spare planet hanging around to experiment on. The problem is that anybody running experiments that are looking for alternate theories to the popular man made catastrophic global warming ones will never be given any funding. Why? because it would make to many people look like total dumb asses and the money would be lost, and I mean a lot of money.
In this global climate debate it appears one side is just as biased as the other. When human beings become polarized in their beliefs, they search for evidence to defend their positions rather than searching for the truth with an open mind. When political agendas drive funding, right or wrong, the popular view prevails.That's just human nature.
So is global warming a man made phenomenon or part of earths natural cycle? Does it really matter? It doesn't matter which side wins the argument over fact or made up statistics or IPCC funded research because nothing will change.
We will still wage wars in fossil fuel rich countries killing innocent men women and children, we will still pollute our lakes, streams and rivers,
As human beings we have the ability to learn from our mistakes and yet it astounds me by our apparent disinclination to do so.



  1. the anti climate warming parties do get funding from interested parties called the energy industry. I tend to believe the consensus of scientist point of view. I am not an expert so I do tend think that if over 90% of the scientific community agrees then a note of deference needs to be made to them. how much is man made and how much is natural could be debated still. but the effects of pollution are not in question in my mind. you just have to take a look at small scale effects of pollution, for instance the great london smog lol. the sooner we get off of coal the better. soon your precious maldive might be no more lol

  2. I knew this subject would get at least one comment, lol.
    As for the maldives Tony, there is no, I repeat no evidence whatsoever existing that shows any evidence of the republic of the Maldives disappearing, I have been several times and whilst efforts are made to replace the sand that is washed off the atols from tidal instances they are not in fact sinking beneath the waves. The maldivian govt however are not stupid and I believe are going to be or already have been given large sums of cash from the worst polluting countries in the world in way of compensation. Iy is a documented fact that tropical vegetation which has been used to try to document differences in sea levels has been vandalised by the scientific community who were trying to prove that sea level is rising when it did not show their expected results.
    As for believing the "CONSENSUS" there has to be evidence in place to have a consensus reached and that evidence is indeed lacking so in fact no consensus could actually be reached only theory and guess work. :)

  3. We also have to consider that for a long time the majority of people believed that the earth was flat!

  4. well i had written a long comment then i hit the wrong button and poof! lol
    Well the main reason people thought the earth was flat because the Church told them so and the consensus of learned person outside of church doctrine had evidence that the earth was round. There is a difference between public consensus and scientific consensus. Yes, the effects of long term climate warming is a theory and much has to be still worked out, but the fact that climate warming is happening has enough evidence produced from multiple lines of scientific inquiry. Cheers :)

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  6. As the ball is forehand smashed into my half of the court, lol. Tony I do not have a problem with the point about the climate warming up, all I am saying is that I do not think that the manmade affects for whatever portion / percentage that is will have a catastrophic effect. If scientists, climatologists govt's etc all rallied together to study what is actually happening instead of trying to force natures hand to prove their theory and dissprove the other guys theory then I think some real discoveries could be made. The earth has a very long history, it's even older than I am and during its history it has warmed and cooled had several ice ages and the poles have been the otherway round as well.
    You see the problem for you and I is that one set of research says one thing and another set says the opposite. Not been one to just read an opinion and accept it this makes me somewhat sceptical of the side that is making the most money.
    Hope you and all your are ok, including Amos!!! lol