Thursday, 7 April 2011

Blowing stuff up and squash!

Right then, I have to admit that after playing a few hours of Killzone 3 I feel all together a relaxed and calm person again. It is quite worrying that shooting Helghast, blowing stuff up, knifing them in the eyeballs and slitting their throats has a strange calming effect upon my psyche.
After getting up at a reasonable time yesterday (after 10.00 hrs) I spent most of my afternoon photographing the Sheffield Uni squash team in action. A motley looking crew with the exception of a very pretty young lady but all seem very nice and friendly. They hammered the Hallam team 8-3. It's not the easiest of things to photograph actually, you need a shutter speed of at least 1/500th of a second and iso of 1600 minimum. This leads to a fair bit of noise in the final image but using a free noise removal prog such as noiseware you can get satisfactory results.
The other problem you face when shooting squash is the reflections from the glass back courts. I found the best way to counter this is to shoot at and angle of around 45 degrees to the surface get close up and use a wide angle lens.
One of the frustrating bits of the day was Johnny offering to buy me a drink, the bastard knew I was driving and found it all highly amusing when I uttered "diet coke please" through gritted teeth.
I met him today whilst I had lunch at the West End. I was eating my way through a steak and chorizo pie, strange combination but it works, very nice. Washed it all down with coffee and managed to duck out before paying for the coffee leaving Johnny to get them, lol serves him right for the diet coke thing.
Oh well I guess I best go and blow some stuff up and what have you before I go to work this evening.
Lets be careful out there......

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