Monday, 21 March 2011

Rambling Not worth the read.

A mixed bag of things to report from the weekend really. I will start with the Six Nations Rugby.
England go into their last game against Ireland with high expectations of a win and a grand slam after winning every other game but as I said to my wife, "it all depends on which Ireland turn up" Well for England is was the "were gonna rag you all over the park and humiliate you" Ireland that turned up. Ireland deserved the win as they simply outplayed England. Excuses can be made but at the end of the day we were beaten by a better team on the day (with a little help from the ref)
Around 20.000 England fans turned up with only a 5.500 ticket allocation for English fans so many watched it in the bars and clubs around the area, both sets of fans together in the same bars watching their respective teams play each other and not a bit of bother. I believe many football supporters could take a lesson from that.
After the shower of missiles that flew accross the living room whilst the game was on (my wife is Irish) in the form of chocolate celebrations and starburst sweets I went to have a look at the moto gp qualifying.
Sunday heralded a day shift at work which was very busy but a good laugh as always followed by coming home to sit and watch the opening moto gp race from the losail circuit. As usual moto 2 was mad as ever with a few big offs and a good points scoring finish for Bradley Smith (the bike rider, not Nick and Kates mad dog).
Moto GP saw casey stoner fighting through most of the race till the last few laps when he pulled away for a comfortable win, Rossi, still suffering with a bad shoulder on his first race with Ducati came home 7th behind Americas Ben Spies, pronounced Spees not Spies, why do Americans do that, they make it up as they go along. Look at Colin Powell, Its CO..LIN not COW... LIN, anyway I digress.
Tried to play Homefront for a while but after 10 minutes and the lobby not getting enough players in to have a game gave up and went over to GT5 for some mad racing with Alex, minty, stokies and dave.
Today I have so far broken the hoover so the whole house now smells of burning hair been a domestic god and worked out how to switch on the washing machine AND put stuff in it.Chased up 4 invoices that are over 60 days past their sell by date only to be told "yeah shes doing it today" thats what you said LAST WEEK. and actuallymanaged to get on here and post some rambling nonsense.
Now back to learning more tricks of how to bypass critical factor :)

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