Tuesday, 8 March 2011

A week of been old!........... and grumpy! "rant warning"

Well ive been 42 for a week now and all I can say is "Douglas Adams got it wrong"
Went to the pub last night and did the quiz, last weeek we came 2nd out of 2 entrants, this week we came 4th out of 4 and I gumped and moaned about the 3rd set of questions based around music from 2001. Damn it im stuck in the seventies and eighties what the hell do I know about music from 2001.
Having decided to sell my motorbike for a less damaging one I contacted a dealer who quite correctly did a HPI check on it. Now remember I have had this bike for 12 years and for the last year it has been sat in a nice warm garage having time off.
Well the dealer called me back to inform me that as of 12/5/2010 the bike has had a condition alert put against it and a scrap marker so he can't touch it.
The DVLA inform me that the only records they have are that it is sorn till november 2011.
So next I phone the HPI people who are "Looking into the matter"
AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! and breath Bagsta, remember to breath.
I made a comment on facespace or whatever the other day about having to deal with other peoples incompetence and this is exactly the kind of bullshit that I was on about.
The newsreader weather man chappy told us lastnight that we would be able to see the international space station 30 degrees above the horizon at 19.27 if we looked ssw as it was a very clear night.
It is currently in 2 pieces so you get 2 distinct lights soaring across the sky.
At 19.20 I went outside and started to set up my camera etc on tripod to get some shots of this, only to be greeted at 19.22 with 2 distinct lights soaring across the night sky 30 degrees above the horizon whilst I was still getting my camera set up. What did they do,, put their foot down, lose em easy?
Anyway I am now going to see what delights today will bring me, in the meantime here is a picture of the iss from the last time I decided to photograph it. On this occasion I used my own calculations and was set up a good 10 minutes before it hoved into view.

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