Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Swimming with the fishes!!!!

Hello, I will soon be swimming with the fishes, and not in an American Italiano gangster concrete wellies kinda way. You see were off on our hols soon for a couple of weeks for me to indulge in what is fast becoming my favourite past time of doing fuck all, unless I want to.
We normally leave it to the end of the year but this year we felt we both need and deserve a break, so we are planning our 4th trip to The Maldives.
This time we are looking at islands in the Southern Maldives as all our other trips have been to North.
The first time we went there I was very dubious about things as Im not normally one for chilling out and relaxing but after a couple of days I fell totally in love with the place and the people. The snorkelling and diving have to be some of the best in the world.
It is impossible to put into words the feeling as you snorkel out over the edge of the reef and it just drops away into blackness, to watch the fish and stingrays swim up out of the darkness is simply breathtaking.
To those of you reading this that know me you will be amazed to hear that I actually have two nine oclocks in my day when there, damn it I usually have 2 six thirties when normally I never see nine am's. I just dont see the need to get up at stupid oclock when at home in blighty when my office is next to my bedroom but in the Maldives,
I usually wake up around six am make a cup of coffee, open the doors from the beach villa and step down onto the powder white sands, walk the 20 yards to the ocean edge sit sown and watch the sunrise.
So despite today actually looking like a very nice day here in my green and pleasant land which I love dearly, roll on May and swimming with the fishes. :)

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