Monday, 14 March 2011

My neighbours builder is retarded!

My neighbours builder is retarded!
Actually that is quite an insult to retarded people. Maybe he just does it to piss me off.
Let me explain a little more.
Since turning 42 I have become even more grumpy than before, if that is possible and I find  people are really trying their damned hardest to be totally incompetent morons with no more right to exist on god's green earth than Alan Carr, Either that or they are just trying to piss me off.
Lets take my neighbours builder for example. The neighbour across the street from us whilst very pleasant (though I secretly think they are swingers and have some FRIENDS over for long weekends, not that there is anything wrong with that, even if I don't get an invite) employ a builder who is a fucking idiot. He has this estate car that he drives about with all his tools in, although judging from the dints and scrapes I use the word drives in it's loosest possible term.
I go to buy a loaf of bread and upon my return "Jack" as I will now call him as I don't actually know his real name has taken it upon himself to park bang outside my house. Not outside the house where he working, not on the empty driveway of the house where he is working, not next door but on the same side of the road to where he is working, no. Bang outside my house.
So now I have to shoehorn my vehicle into a very small space and block in the nextdoor neighbour to me.
The obvious floor in Jacks plan is that now he has to carry all his tools and materials across the road and up the driveway of the house where he is working. The fucking driveway is clear, nadda, nothing it's bloody empty and yet he decides to park bang outside my house.
How the hell I havn't gone out there with a shovel and taken retribution on his windshield I do not know, what I do know is the smug bastard will be smiling on the other side of his face when the piles of dogshit I shoved up his exhaust pipe with a long stick so they fell into the silencer part start to warm up.
Anyway it's time for me to have a lie down and put on my special jacket again. I hope they dont pull the straps to tight tonight.
Bagsta69 :)

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