Saturday, 12 March 2011

Lib Dem protest march

Ok, Ive just got back from the Lib Dem protest march in Sheffield city centre. Whilst it was (while I was there) a very organised and civil affair, part of me can't help thinking what a bunch of fucking hipocrits these people are. Many of the people I saw there I have also seen at other deomonstrations and they just seem to be to be serial copmplaining whingebags. They voted for a Labour govt and then when they got one they marched against them. They just never seem happy.
 To listen to some screaming banshee woman screaching at the top of her voice "Maggie Maggie Maggie, Die Die Die" infront of her 3ish year old child doesnt seem very liberal or democratic to me. Whilst many would argue that it is her RIGHT to be able to do that I fail to see what Maggie has to do with anything these days.
Another protester who had a microphone was telling the crowd how happy he would be when Maggie dies, again I fail to see the relevance and whilst it is his RIGHT to say these things I still fail to see the relevance.

I find it quite scary actually to think what these people would do if they were given the power over our country. Whilst they preach freedom of speech etc etc etc, they also seem to preach a hell of lot of hatred towards anybody who does not hold the same views as them and in many ways remind me of a small Austrian moustachioed chap who wanted to create a master race.
All in all it was a peacefull affair for the time I was there and to be honest if any trouble did flair up it would have been quashed within seconds as the police seemed to outnumber the protesters. There were not the usual suspects which you can spot a mile away who were just there to cause trouble and there was a reasonable turnout including families and small children but nowhere near the 10000 predicted.
I think there is a certain amount of apathy surrounding the whole thing, that coupled with the terrible events that have happened in Japan yesterday may account for the low turnout.

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