Thursday, 31 March 2011


Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to hide the bodies!
Today has brought yet another day where I have had to deal with morons from another planet.
I need an eye test and some new glasses so thought I would book one. Along I go to my chosen eye tester's website to get the telephone number. Right got that but wait........ what is this? money off voucher. Print me for an eye test at £5.00 and 20% off the price of glasses. So pressed the button and the vouchers were e-mailed to me to print. Great I thought.
Well, see what thought did, I phone said eye tester people who I will from now on call testes (childish yes, do I care ? no) and asked to book an appointment. I mentioned the voucher, I was told that the first available appointment was tomorrow, 01/04/11. I look at the voucher and explain that the date on the voucher expiry is today and ask if that matters.
Well holy fuck! you'd have thought id just asked if it was ok for me to have sex with his wife and daughter at the same time without saying please.
"You can't use a voucher that is past it's expiry date"
"Then give me an appointment before it expires"
"im afraid we don't have any available"
"then honour the voucher"
"sorry sir if the voucher has expired we cannot honour it"
"can I print another voucher for tomorrow?"
"No sir, one voucher per customer"
" how would you know "
"we have the e-mail address it was sent to and you are now booked in on our system"
I swear to god One day............ One day...........
Thats another card marked for testes. He can join the git from Tesco's.

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  1. lol I guess you just have to learn to be just as devious as them.