Friday, 25 March 2011

I miss Wolverine! and fishy goings on.

My local pub is brilliant, just thought id share that with the world but I can't help but think something has been missing for a while now and whilst looking through my hard drives and archiving stuff I found this clip of Wolverine, our dancing barman. Thoroughly nice chap and danced a lot so I thought I would share this with the world,

There is currently an undercover investigation going on in there about the case of the missing fish. The landlords and friends went out for an evening after closing and returned a little worse for wear. In the morning the gold fish had vanished from it's tank behind the bar ( fish tank that is not big thing that fires shells at people, and by shells I mean explosive shells not the thing wrapped round egg yolks, and by yolks I mean yellow things inside eggs and not things attached to cattle. ) the only clue was a small net laying beside the tank. It is more exciting than midsummer in our local. :) I suspect Alex myself but he is innocent till proven guilty and he hasn't got fishy breath.

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