Friday, 25 March 2011

FFS Junk mail!

Morning world, What is this 09.14 hrs you speak of? It's not very nice that's what it is. I should be tucked up in bed still!!
Anyway, today I will mostly be complaining about junk mail. It comes through my letter box like a bloody waterfall. I get more junk mail than normal mail and I have a lot of bills.
The council provided me with a blue bin to collect all my junk mail in and they take it away every two weeks. Why should I store all this crap for two weeks? Can I charge a fee? I dont think so.
Ive asked the postman not to deliver it and even opted out from recieving it but to no avail.
But as always the Bagsta has a plan............. It's so cunning you could shave with it. Well maybe not but it's gonna make me feel better.
Every time I get junk mail through my letter box im gonna save it, then once a week im gonna post it back into the letter box. Not back to who sent it, just into the letter box. It wont solve anything but it will make me feel better and put a smile on my face, however temporary.

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