Tuesday, 8 March 2011

FFS, apparently I have the fastest tractor in yorkshire

Just been on the blower to the HPI people, they have my bikes vin mixed up with that of a tractor that was scrapped last year.
Dear lord how have we as a race made it thus far and when will you end our suffering. Can you not just do a stupid test or something and everybody who fails gets zapped with lightning.
Maybe stop them reproducing so that they can be removed from the gene pool.
For heavens sake you need a license to watch tv and you used to need one to have a dog but no license is needed to reproduce and people seem to take great advantage of the fact. At the very minimum you should be required to have a job.

here is the reply from HPI
To Gary

With reference to your query on VRM P433VGO vin 018733.  The vehicle that you have only has a short digit VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). With a shorter VIN (they are now usually 17 digits) they are not unique to one vehicle. In fact, this VIN is associated with other vehicles/plant machinery. Some of which may be subject to outstanding finance, stolen and insurance loss interests. I can confirm that we have double-checked our records and the Scrap marker recorded on that vin definitely does not relate to the Kawasaki, but to a Case IH Tractor. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to amend this, but I hope this confirmation is of use to your enquiries. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Now lets have a look at the 2 vehicles in question shall we. Hmmmmm it may fool some people but I can deffo tell the fekking difference between the 2. FFS.


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