Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Back to been grumpy!!!!

Back to been grumpy.
Well after having a very pleasant morning thinking about holidays to the Maldives I have been brought back down to earth with a bang. Actually more of a bash on the ankle and a stare of such incomprehensible disbelief.
You see ive just had to go to Tesco to do some shopping, and yes, they were there.
Those people who insist on taking their offspring to the supermarket with them, then push them around in their little buggy things with an air of “everybody look at me, I can reproduce”. 
Is that fucking right Olaf, well just because you can do something doesn’t always mean you should. I can run over you in my 2 ton motor vehicle but it’s probably not a good idea.
Actually on second thoughts!!!!!
Well after dipshit managed to rip half my ankle open with the aforementioned buggy due to the fact he wasn’t looking where he was going because he was too busy puffing out his chest and checking his look in the freezer cabinets to make sure his virility really showed, the twat looked at me as if I was something he’d just stepped in.
Oh dear me, I’m 44 days without a cig....... come on...... just give me a fucking reason and ill eat your bloody child in front of you before disembowelling you in the frozen food section.
I quietly mutter under my breath “has excuse me or sorry gone out of fashion?”
Still the bloody gormless stare of somebody who is never going to get a job!!! Really, with a face like that and a look like that the fucker is unemployable.
But guess what? He gets the last laugh because my taxes and yours are going to give him a home to live in, food on his table and clothes on his back and when he practises his ability to reproduce again he will be given a bigger house all at out expense.
Anyway I left the supermarket without too much of a fuss but I have marked his card and one day... one day...
Right that’s 2 blog posts in one day so until more grief befalls me im signing out.

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