Friday, 25 February 2011

Cats, and another photo!!

Good morning campers, Im a little late to rise this morning due to the copious amounts of red wine that I drank last night. For some reaon today I would like to talk about cats, actually 1 specific cat that lived at my parents house. She was called Dinky, dont know why, she was small but in no way resmbled a die cast car. Actually bless her she was quite a cosmetically challenged cat, thin small tortoise shell ugly looking cat. She looked like a gremlin, you know from that film thing where you dont get them wet.
There was an unfortunate time in my life when I was homeless and so decided that staying at mum and dads was probably a good move. It was ok, I had my own room a fridge full of food could come and go as I pleased, didn't pay rent, why the hell I bought a house ill never know but there was dinky, the cat.
I would regularly go to the pub on an evening as was my want and get home at all hours of the morning. I would make sure that the big loud black cab would drop me off at the end of the road so as not to wake the entire neighbourhood up with slamming of doors and reving of engines. As I walked the short distance to the end of the road where my parents lived there was the cat.... Dinky.
She would look at me like an annoyed wife then walk me along the road to the front door.
This didn't happen just the once but every time I went out. On the odd lucky occasion I didn't go home I often wondered how long she would wait before going home putting my clothes in bin bags and throwing them out of the window before walking around the house slamming every door that she possibly could.
What a strange thing for a cat to do.
Anyway on to the photo of the day, todays is one I took a while back after remembrance day parade.

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